7 Questions for Correlia Biosystems Co-Founder Akwasi Apori

A ​CITRIS Foundry​ company, Correlia Biosystems represents ​the next generation of the life science industry. With their patented nanomaterial, they ​develop microscale tools to accelerate molecular interactions to measure proteins, thereby ​reducing the cost and time of drug development, clinical trials, and patient testing and monitoring​.

CITRIS Foundry event welcomes spring 2020 cohort

The new spring cohort of CITRIS Foundry teams was announced February 13 at a Foundry event featuring Rich Lyons, UC Berkeley’s first-ever Chief Innovation and Entrepreneurship Officer. The 32 teams cover deep tech fields from AI and engineering systems to materials science and biotechnology, tackling issues including health care, energy and the environment, transportation, and sustainable infrastructure.