Request Building Access

CITRIS and the Banatao Institute - Sutardja Dai Hall - Request Building Access

To receive access to the Sutardja Dai Hall (SDH) building on the UC Berkeley campus, please fill out the Building Access Form below. In order to receive a key and/or card key access, you must also have a valid Cal 1 ID card.

All new occupants of Sutardja Dai Hall must be familiar with the Building Emergency Plan (BEP). If you have any questions about Sutardja Dai Hall building access, please email Domenico Caramagno at

Please read the following statements carefully:

Keys to this building are the property of the University of California and must be surrendered upon request.

  1. I understand the unlawful possession of any University of California key is a misdemeanor per Section 469 of the Penal Code.
  2. I will report the loss/theft of any University of California key immediately to my supervisor and to building management for reporting to the University of California Police Department and Domenico Caramagno (
  3. I will not lend or give out any issued University of California key, unless told to do so by my supervisor. All permanently reassigned keys must be reported to the facilities manager.

I am the recipient of the key(s) to Sutardja Dai Hall spaces listed on this contract. I fully understand that this key must not be duplicated. I am fully aware that I am subject to the loss of privilege of this key if its use is abused. I further agree that this key must be immediately returned to the department upon request or the termination of my affiliation with the University of California, Berkeley.