Legacy Initiatives

Connected Communities

The Connected Communities initiative developed experimental information technology solutions to support collaborative discovery and enhance creative work, education and public engagement. Its work to promote informed tech governance continues through the CITRIS Policy Lab.  (2015–18)

Data and Democracy

The Data and Democracy initiative (DDI) explored and advanced digital tools to support citizen engagement in community and political activities. DDI housed the Social Apps Lab, which encouraged the creation of mobile and web applications that addressed significant societal needs in health, energy and climate, education, and more. DDI evolved into CITRIS Connected Communities. (2011–15) 

Expanding Diversity and Gender Equity (EDGE) in Tech 

EDGE in Tech advocated for equitable representation and compensation for women and other underincluded identities in technical fields by serving as a trusted resource that integrated research with action. The initiative’s work, including its flagship symposium each spring, continues through the CITRIS Innovation Hub. (2021–22)

Future of Work and the Platform Economy

Future of Work and the Platform Economy brought CITRIS, the UC Berkeley Work and Intelligent Tools and Systems working group, and the Berkeley Roundtable on International Economy (BRIE) together to address the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation on the workplace. Its work continues through several of BRIE’s core research efforts, as well as the CITRIS Innovation Hub. (2018–21)


The i4Energy collaborative was founded by CITRIS, the California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE), and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab). It supported the development of clean energy through multidisciplinary work in data analytics, integrated monitoring and sensing, and intelligent energy management. Together with the Intelligent Infrastructures initiative, i4Energy became CITRIS Sustainable Infrastructures. (2010–15)

Intelligent Infrastructure

CITRIS Intelligent Infrastructure supported IT research to help manage scarce resources and realize social, cultural and economic potential in the realms of transportation, urban development and the water supply. This initiative merged with i4Energy to create CITRIS Sustainable Infrastructures. (2010–15)

People and Robots

CITRIS People and Robots (CPAR) catalyzed interdisciplinary robotics research by faculty and students across the four CITRIS campuses. Drawing on innovations in sensors, devices, networks and machine learning, CPAR endeavored to improve human experiences in health care, manufacturing, transportation and other applications. Its work is continued through all of CITRIS’s current research efforts. (2015–22)

Sustainable Infrastructures

Sustainable Infrastructures explored the relationships among energy, water, transportation and the built environment to help create systems resilient to the stresses of natural disasters and climate change. Its efforts continue today with the CITRIS Climate initiative, with ongoing support from the California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE). (2015–21)

Women in Technology 

The Women in Technology initiative, a joint effort between CITRIS and the UC Berkeley College of Engineering, aimed to address disparities in opportunities for women in engineering and computer science. It was renamed the Expanding Diversity and Gender Equity in Tech (EDGE in Tech) initiative to better reflect its activities to support other underrepresented communities in the STEM workforce. (2017–21)