CITRIS Research Exchange

CITRIS and the Banatao Institute - Research Exchange Seminar Series

The CITRIS Research Exchange Seminar Series delivers fresh perspectives on information technology and society from distinguished academic, industry and civic leaders.

Videos for previous speakers are available on YouTube through the links below.
Check back soon to see the lineup of our next speaker series.

Have an idea for a great talk? Please feel free to suggest potential speakers for our series. Interested in sponsoring a seminar? Contact for more information about partnering with CITRIS. We appreciate your support.

CITRIS Research Exchange Video Archive

Fall 2023 — Distinguished Lectures on the Status and Future of AI, featuring Jaron Lanier, Alison Gopnik and Anca Dragan.
Fall 2023 — Featuring Eli Yablonovitch.
Spring 2023 — Distinguished Lectures on the Status and Future of AI, featuring Stuart Russell, Sergey Levine, Michael I. Jordan and Pamela Samuelson.
Spring 2023 — Featuring Verónica Ahumada, Spencer Castro, Michele Barbato and more.
Fall 2022 – Featuring Becca Fenwick, Alison Post, Kaveh Madani and more.
Spring 2022 – Featuring Holly Jimison, Crystal Kolden, Misha Pavel and more.
Fall 2021 – Featuring Gerald Friedland, Stavros Vougioukas, Shijia Pan and more.
Spring 2021 – Featuring Brian Christian, Cristina Davis, Sara-Jayne Terp and more.
Fall 2020 – Featuring Karina Edmonds, Sarah Kurtz, Sol Hsiang, Kamal Jethwani and more.
Spring 2020 – Featuring Rama Akkiraju, Vincent Vanhoucke, Mallik Tatipamula and more.
Fall 2019 – Featuring Jutta Williams, Jiang Lin, Lisa Yeo, Oscar Dubón and more.
Spring 2019 – Featuring Greg Crutsinger, Erin Hestir, Rita Lucarelli and more.
Fall 2018 – Featuring Xixi Zhu, Kai-Fu Lee, Samuel Woolley, Anca Dragan and more.
Spring 2018 – Featuring Hal Varian, Ash Bhat, Rohan Phadte, Kevin Healy and more.
Fall 2017 – Featuring Jeremy Malcolm, Katherine Isbister, Neil Ray and more.
Spring 2017 – Featuring Dan Garcia, Gary Bradski, Peter Norvig and more.
Fall 2016 – Featuring Melonee Wise, Susan Ustin, James Ostrowski and more.
Spring 2016 – Featuring George Savage, Elizabeth Goodman, Jason Adams and more.
Fall 2015 – Featuring Daniel McKinnon, Tess Posner, James Kuffner and more.
Spring 2015 – Featuring Reza Abbaschian, Emily Jacobi, Meredith Fowlie and more.
Fall 2014 – Featuring Dan Sperling, Ashok Gagdil, Francisco García Morán and more.
Spring 2014 – Featuring David Haussler, Severin Borenstein, Christopher Waley and more.