CITRIS and the Banatao Institute - Partnership Program

Since its inception in 2001, CITRIS has been fueled by collaboration among four University of California campuses, the private sector and international partners. These complimentary relationships benefit the University, industry and the public through the development of new knowledge, new applications — and even the birth of new industries.

Through CITRIS, University of California faculty and students from more than 100 academic disciplines work with industrial and institutional researchers to identify major societal challenges, then develop novel technology-based solutions to address them. Through close ties to industry, these innovations are refined, adopted and commercialized in California and beyond. As evidence of this creative drive, more than 230 startup ventures have been supported by CITRIS to date.

By engaging with external collaborators, our faculty and students gain the opportunity to see firsthand where technological needs and markets are headed and can steer their work in these directions. Students are often eager to work at the cutting edge of commercially-applicable research.

In turn, industrial and institutional partners gain access to leading-edge research at one of the top public university systems in the world, along with the ability to recruit outstanding students and place visiting fellows or entrepreneurs in CITRIS research labs.

To discuss partnership opportunities, please contact:
Camille Crittenden
Executive Director