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Improving health outcomes and access to cost-effective care through the development and integration of innovative technology in telehealth, sensors, analytics and mobile devices.


The over-65 population is growing rapidly in the U.S., from 15 percent in 2015 to nearly 1 in 4 by 2060. CITRIS advances the well-being of older adults and family caregivers with enabling technology – including AI, sensors, robotics, and mobile tools. Working with UC Davis Health, CITRIS is developing technology-enabled solutions to achieve healthy aging in a digital world.

CITRIS Health focuses on developing transformative, scalable, and sustainable information technology solutions to improve health and wellness. These technology-enabled solutions can improve the quality of care and health outcomes, while reducing health care costs. 

SafelyYou – Using AI to detect and prevent falls

ALUNA – Kids with Asthma or Cystic Fibrosis can measure their lung health anytime, anywhere

BioAMP – Detecting antibiotic resistance faster than ever before

Current areas of focus address the primary drivers affecting health, including chronic disease, aging, and formal or informal caregiving. Initiative projects build upon the principal technology solutions of telehealth; sensors; mobile apps and gaming; and data analytics. Examples of CITRIS Health Initiative projects include innovations in electronic health records and analytics, the Transatlantic Telehealth Research Network, use of in-home sensors and feedback to reduce asthma in children, virtual reality environments for physical rehabilitation, and interactive mapping to assist wayfinding for older adults.

The global health arena is experiencing rapid advances in informatics, precision medicine, quantified self, mobile health, telehealth, remote monitoring and sensors, health behavior, patient engagement, and health policy and regulation. As a global leader in developing technology-enabled health solutions, the CITRIS Health Initiative advances innovations in data analytics (as supported by a new health data analytics seed grant program announced in November 2014), hospital-to-home, population health, care management and care transitions, robotics, and mHealth. 

CITRIS Health researchers will continue to develop partnerships with U.S.-based and global health researchers, clinical providers, engineers, and technologists for collaboration in the development of hardware and software solutions while expanding utilization of the extensive CITRIS and the Banatao Institute innovation ecosystem (including testbeds at the Center for Health and Technology and UC Davis Health System) and other CITRIS and the Banatao Institute facilities and programs.