CITRIS Climate

San Francisco Bay-side skyline at sunset.

CITRIS Climate applies information technology to limit harm from climate change and build resilience for a sustainable and equitable future.

The CITRIS Climate initiative supports the goal of carbon neutrality at the UC system level and beyond, with attention to issues of climate justice and equity to reduce the effects that are disproportionately experienced by underrepresented and underserved communities.

CITRIS Climate also facilitates collaborations across UC campuses and other CITRIS initiatives to advance the knowledge and technology needed to support global and individual climate adaptation and mitigation. Through cross-disciplinary, IT-driven approaches of climate mitigation and adaptation applied to wildfires, sea level rise, hurricanes, heat waves and other related hazards, CITRIS Climate aims to promote resilient communities and sustainable infrastructure through a more inclusive and diverse STEM workforce.

Sierra-Net: Measuring California’s Water Supply
The Ecoblock Project: Urban Retrofitting for Sustainability

Anemometer Project: New low-cost air-flow sensors

As part of the CITRIS Climate initiative, the California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE) blends the expertise of world-class researchers from across the UC and around the country to ensure steady progress toward California’s pace-setting energy goals. 

CIEE’s projects span an ambitious scope of topics, with a common thread: to intelligently apply cutting-edge technologies in service to society. From managing extensive studies on California’s climate vulnerability to developing smart energy solutions and deploying them in the field, CIEE brings together researchers, inventors and stakeholders to accomplish what none of us could do alone. Examples range from new devices like the low-cost anemometer, Hamilton sensor and smart thermostat, to advanced systems like the micro-PMU for electric power distribution, the Berkeley Tree Database and the XBOS building management platform. Through field tests with its diverse partners, CIEE nurtures these innovations to wide-scale use beyond the Golden State.


Michele Barbato
CITRIS Climate Director