UC Santa Cruz alumni found Immergo Labs to bring physical therapy to VR

Incorporating values of tech for social good, inclusivity and accessibility, three UC Santa Cruz alumni founded Immergo Labs to develop the world’s first virtual and interactive telehealth platform for physical therapy. 

Co-founders Aviv Elor, Michael Powell and Ash Robbins sought to blend their expertise in virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence and bioinformatics to make a difference in the telehealth and virtual physical therapy space. 

Thanks to their UCSC network, the team eventually joined the CITRIS Foundry and Santa Cruz Works accelerator programs, building a foundation of local community support and positioning them to seek out additional opportunities. 

The Immergo platform was further inspired by the team’s combined 15-plus peer-reviewed scientific publications completed during graduate studies, which utilizes a provisional patent with UCSC. The patent estimates range of motion through VR devices and was co-invented with Baskin Engineering faculty and Immergo technical advisors Sri Kurniawan and Mircea Teodorescu

Immergo Labs will launch its beta platform in January 2023 to the 70 users currently on its waitlist. It hopes to officially launch its product publicly by the end of 2023.