David Culler appointed Faculty Director of i4Energy

The mission of i4Energy to facilitate and promote research on system-integrated enabling technologies that will achieve better energy efficiency, improved demand / response, and dramatic improvements in energy distribution.

Letter from the Director for April/May

The world is full of valuable information that, if known, would save money, lives, and numerous resources. The trusses supporting our bridges contain information about when the aging structures will become dangerous to cross.

Letter from the Director, Feb. 2011

For the last decade, we at CITRIS have focused our efforts there, developing intelligent technologies that help measure, track, and manage water, energy, and other key resources in innovative ways that benefit the economy, the environment, and our quality of life.

Water Sense: CITRIS MOTES and Wireless Networks Deployed to Help Monitor and Manage California’s Water Supply

A CITRIS-supported collaboration between scientists at UC Merced and UC Berkeley professor is deploying networks of wireless sensors in a prototype project at the National Science Foundation’s Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory. The sensors measure snow depth and other environmental factors that, once known, will allow much better measurement and prediction of the availability of our most precious resource.

CITRIS Research Wins Award

Prof. Ruzena Bajcsy’s research in “Tele-Immersion for Physicians” was recently awarded the CENIC 2011 Innovations in Networking Award for High Performance Research Applications.