Job Opportunity: Front-end Developer for AppCivist

Front-end Developer Needed for AppCivist, A Platform for Democratic Assembly & Civic Action

Job Description

How can we create an online forum that promotes more democratic assembly and decision-making with less groupthink? For example, how can we design algorithms for curating user-generated content in ways that do not censor minority voices? AppCivist, a project developed by the Social Apps Lab @ CITRIS, is an open-source platform for public deliberation, proposal generation, and civic action that aims to solve such issues. The Social Apps Lab is looking for a front-end software developer to build and design the application’s user interface. The applicant will:

  • Develop the front-end interface of AppCivist with a goal of creating a functional alpha prototype by the end of summer 2014
  • Design the UI/UX for AppCivist while gathering feedback from international collaborators
  • Participate in weekly meetings with a other developers and social scientists


  • Programming and/or Web development experience
  • Minimum commitment of 2 days/week from June-August 2014
  • Interest in math and political systems


  • Previous web development experience
  • Proficiency in any or all of the following:
    • HTML / CSS
    • JavaScript
    • Node.js
    • Meteor.js

Hourly Rate TBD based on experience

Interested applicants should send his/her resume & portfolio/github to

About the Social Apps Lab

Social Apps Lab

The Social Apps Lab is an interdisciplinary initiative and supported at UC Berkeley by CITRIS, the Division of Social Sciences, and the Division of Arts and Humanities. Its work brings into active collaboration people, research, and product design from the humanities, social sciences, and engineering. The lab aims to demonstrate the creative advantage of this collaboration in creating web and mobile applications that encourage citizen learning, urban detection, and crowdsourcing solutions for significant social problems.