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Alejandro Martinez

My research interests, described above, are well-aligned with two of CITRIS’ initiatives: sustainable infrastructure and people and robots. My research on bioinspired processes, in collaboration […]

Deep Energy Efficiency

Already a leader in the shift to sustainable energy systems, in 2013 the University of California Carbon Neutrality Initiative made a commitment to re-doubling efforts […]

Joseph Dumit

Professor Joseph Dumit studies how science and medicine change and how the lives of Americans, including consumers, patients, doctors and scientists also change as the nature […]

Syed Khizer Khaderi

Clinical/Research Interests Dr. Khaderi’s clinical interests encompass the breadth of the visual system. From the cornea to the cortex, the Neuro-ophthalmology service evaluates, diagnoses and […]

Ilias Tagkopoulos

Our lab’s interests span a variety of topics related to evolutionary, synthetic and systems biology. We employ machine learning, graph theory, mathematical optimization, multiscale modeling […]

Debra Bakerjian

Debra Bakerjian is an associate adjunct professor at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis.