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Caroline Rodier

Caroline has over fifteen years experience in transportation and environmental planning and policy analysis. As a senior researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Rodier has conducted evaluation research of numerous of intelligent transportation system field operational tests including advanced parking systems, shared-use low-speed modes, automated speed enforcement, and virtual compliance stations for commercial vehicles.

David Rocke

David M. Rocke is a distinguished professor in biostatistics at UC Davis School of Medicine and the Department of Applied Science. He also was a former co-director of the Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization at UC Davis.

Ben Yoo

CITRIS UC Davis Director Emeritus

Raju Pandey

Professor Pandey is interested in all aspects of parallel and distributed systems. His current research involves building scalable, reliable, efficient, and secure systems software infrastructure for sensor network-based systems. His research group is also developing fundamental techniques for building distributed systems that can dynamically adapt to changes in their environment and program characteristics.

S. Felix Wu

I am part of the Computer Security group at UC Davis. In research, I am interested in security issues related to both networking and networked (if you can tell the difference) systems. Currently, I have been working on the following research areas: Unknown vulnerability analysis, IPSec/VPN Policy Management, Routing protocol security, Internet architecture, Mobility, Secure computer architecture, Email Antispam, Information Visualization for Security, Anomaly Analysis and Explanation. Very soon, I realized that I was probably interested in too many things.

Jeffrey Rowe

Dr. Rowe obtained his Ph.D. from UC Davis in 1996 in Particle Physics. Since joining the Computer Security Laboratory, he has developed several algorithms for responding to network attacks. He was leader of the team testing and maintaining the GrIDS system. He also led the team subcontracted to produce the IDIP Discovery Coordinator for the Boeing Automated Response to Intrusions project. Most recently, Dr. Rowe evaluated GrIDS under the DARPA sponsored Lincoln Lab IDS evaluation program.

$20K CITRIS competition for student ideas

CITRIS is sponsoring a $20K "white paper" competition that is open to teams of undergraduate and graduate students from all 4 CITRIS campuses (Berkeley, Davis, Santa Cruz, and Merced). Papers are due May 1, 2006. More