$20K CITRIS competition for student ideas

Dear CITRIS investigators:

CITRIS is sponsoring a $20K "white paper" competition that is open to teams of undergraduate and graduate students from all 4 CITRIS campuses (Berkeley, Davis, Santa Cruz, and Merced).

Papers are due May 1, 2006.

This is the assignment:

CITRIS is interested in stimulating new thinking on a broad range of social benefits of information technology in areas such as: energy and the environment, health, education and life-long learning, democratic governance, response to natural and man-made disasters, transportation, delivery of government services, quality of life for people with disabilities, economic opportunity for low-income communities, arts and culture, and the effectiveness of non-profit organizations.  Describe a multidisciplinary research project that would demonstrate the capacity of IT to help address a major societal challenge.

Here is the Web site for the CITRIS white paper competition for the details.

For Berkeley students, there are a broader set of competitions with total prizes of $100K.


In addition, there is now a discussion forum available on the contest wiki spaces. Users can post topics to any of the contests as well as the open discussion section to generate ideas and address other concerns.