CITRIS Invention Lab Superuser Spotlight: Hailey Windsor (Class of ’20, CED)

Hailey Windsor was introduced to the CITRIS Invention Lab as a freshman and found a place where she could combine her interests in environmental design, engineering, art, and new media. In the lab, Windsor worked with Visualize, a nonprofit organization co-founded in 2014 by Julia Kramer (PhD 2020 ME) and Loyola University medical student Maria Young, prototyping training devices for nurses in Ghana to identify cervical cancer. Windsor also had the opportunity to work with the Berkeley AI startup She graduated from UC Berkeley in spring 2020 with an Individual Major in Human-Centered Design.

CITRIS Invention Lab Superuser Spotlight: Lieyah Dagan (Class of ‘18, CED)

Lieyah Dagan graduated from UC Berkeley in 2018 with an individual major in Design for Urban Life, which explored a variety of fields, including art, architecture, design, and fashion. She currently works as an Industrial Designer. She was first introduced to the CITRIS Invention Lab when she took Critical Practice and Critical Making with EECS Professor and CITRIS Invention Lab Director Eric Paulos for her concentration in design.

Superuser-turned-entrepreneur designs novel tech to combat Alzheimer’s with light

A young scientist pursuing a career in academic research walked into the CITRIS Invention Lab wanting to build mice cages for a doctoral project. “It was like, ‘This is intimidating, I don’t know what I’m doing at all.’ But my entire career changed based on the experience I had at CITRIS.” She went on to found a company developing novel photonic technology to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.