‘Priceless’ Invention Lab experience aids co-founder of assistive tech startup

Close up of a black glove holding Mouthpad^, a translucent touch pad shaped like a retainer with an orange square in the center.

Corten Singer, a former CITRIS Invention Lab superuser and two-time UC Berkeley College of Engineering graduate, has co-founded an assistive technologies company called Augmental. Last month at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024), Augmental debuted Mouthpad^, a tongue-controlled touchpad to help users scroll, type, make calls and even play chess on their personal devices.

Singer describes the Invention Lab as a key resource in his journey as an engineer and maker. “There was no shortage of what you could do — from laser cutting and 3D printing to milling circuit boards … I gained a ton of knowledge and skills. That experience was priceless,” he said.

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