Hamilton Sensors: How to make buildings smarter

Detecting temperature, humidity, or occupancy can make buildings “smarter.” The information can lead to reductions in energy consumption and improve the comfort of occupants by responding to energy demands in real time. We commonly see a single thermometer or humidity sensor per room, which can only provide limited information. What about deploying many cheap and disposable sensors to capture more granular data about buildings and energy use patterns?

CITRIS Foundry announces fall 2019 cohort

Spin microscopy for quantum computing, underwater nanoscience for clean tech, and bio-prospected hemp are a few of the novel technologies represented in the fall incubator cohort announced by the CITRIS Foundry, the innovation hub of the multicampus Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) and the Banatao Institute, headquartered at UC Berkeley.

New Decal Course: Inclusive Pathways Into Tech & Entrepreneurship

Inclusive Pathways into Tech and Entrepreneurship is for students who want to get hands-on experience in creating a project that advances diversity in tech. This course engages in an innovative approach to teaching by bringing together students from tech and non-tech majors to learn what kind of diverse perspectives they need on their team to solve the world’s problems.