Women in Tech Initiative’s Fall 2020 URAP project

Research to Support Equitable Participation of Women and other Under-represented Identities in Tech

UC Berkeley students are encouraged to apply to be part of the Women in Tech Initiative’s Fall 2020 URAP research project on equitable participation for under-represented identities in tech. Applications are due by Monday, August 31!

Project Title:

Research to Support Equitable Participation of Women and other Under-represented Identities in Tech

Project Description:

Working closely with the Director of the Women in Tech Initiative for guidance, introductions, and mentorship, individuals or teams of two will pick an area to focus on and deliver research, reports, and programs for one or more of the following initiatives:

  1. Develop and deliver a DeCal addressing pathways into tech careers, especially for under-represented groups in tech fields
  2. Research, identify resources, and generate materials including data visualization of the state of women in HCI for the Women in Tech Symposium, this year focused on Human-Computer Interactions
  3. Research and assist with the drafting grant proposals to increase the representation of women and other under-represented groups in STEM faculty
  4. Research and contribute to the development and pilots of curriculum modules for ethical AI, and for inclusive leadership and innovation for UC students, faculty, staff, and HR practitioners
  5. Develop, improve data quality, and foster adoption of databases with 1. corporate inclusion data and 2. innovation resources data and 3. notable women at Cal data
  6. Conduct landscape analysis and collect impact metrics for mentorship opportunities at UC Berkeley

In your application, identify your top 2-3 efforts described above, that you would be interested in working on.

All roles will benefit from excellent research skills, visualization of data, curation and distillation of insights and best practices, and/or strong communication and presentation skills.

Students will be expected to work independently, co-create the deliverables, and present their work to audiences ranging from CITRIS staff to larger, targeted groups.

Mentoring will strengthen your understanding and skills around leadership, diversity and inclusion, pilots and iteration, metrics and measurement, design thinking, and communication.

Day-to-day supervisor for this project: Jill Finlayson, Staff Researcher


  • Demonstrated interest in and/or ability to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech.
  • Strong research and writing skills, database, data science and visualization a plus.
  • Experience or interest in STEM fields, equitable AI, and/or the intersection of social sciences and tech.
  • Interest in expanding communication and presentation skills.
  • All genders and identities are encouraged to apply if you feel you could contribute to furthering these initiatives.

Learn more: https://urapprojects.berkeley.edu/projects/detail.php?id_list=CIT1020