CITRIS Core Seed Funding

Collage of UC research images, including a finger pointing at a scan of a human brain, two researchers in a robotics laboratory, a drone flying over a lake, several computer chips on a desk, and an older person reading on a tablet.

The CITRIS Seed Funding Program issues short-term, targeted awards to further the institute’s research priorities for societal benefit, catalyze early results that can lead to significant funding and strengthen connections across UC campuses. Awardees embody the university’s public mission and the innovative spirit of California.

The next request for proposals (RFP) will be released Aug. 15, 2022.

Proposals will be accepted for proof-of-concept work in these critical research areas:

🌱 Aviation for a Changing Planet
🌱 Sustainability and Climate Resilience
🌱 Digital Health Innovation
🌱 Robotics
🌱 Semiconductors and Systems

Investigators at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Davis Health, UC Merced and UC Santa Cruz are encouraged to begin forming their multicampus, interdisciplinary teams. Proposals will be due Oct. 10, with awards announced in December.

Please contact with questions.