2012 CITRIS Seed Funded awards announced

We are pleased to announce that 13 innovative awards have been selected in this year’s round of seed funding. Each of these projects is multi-campus with lead investigators from numerous departments. Thank you to all who submitted proposals. We look forward to the discoveries and developments that will arise as a result of this round of funding.

Testbed Analytics for Renewable Microgrid Systems
Michael Isaacson, UCSC; Bryan Jenkins, UCD; and Ronnie Lipschutz, UCSC

Advanced Lighting Control Algorithms
Konstantinos Papamichael, UCD and David Auslander, UCB

Proactive Legal Information Retrieval and Filtering
Yi Zhang, UCSC and Brian Carver, UCB

Quantitative Sensing and Modeling of California’s Aquatic Ecosystems
Mark Stacey, UCB and Geoff Schladow, UCD

On-Demand Telemonitoring for Independent Living Older Adults
Sri Kurniawan, UCSC; Mircea Teodorescu, UCSC; Holli DeVon, UCDMC; and Debra Bakerjian, UCDM

Sensing CO2 Domes for Adaptive Management of Urban Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Elliott Campbell, UCM and Claire Gu, UCSC
Understanding Image-based Big Data using Human Computation
James Davis, UCSC and Ming-Hsuan Yang, UCM

The California Tele-Audiology Program
James Marcin, UCDMC; Madan Dharmar, UCDMC; and Gerald Friedland, UCB
Towards Semantic Spatial Awareness:  Robust Text Spotting for Assistive Technology Applications
Roberto Manduchi, UCSC and Stefano Carpin, UCM

Network Infrastructure: Realizing the potential of underutilized urban public land through the integration of data, analysis, and design
Nicholas de Monchaux, UCB; Jennifer Wolch, UCB; and Raissa d’Souza, UCD

Smart Transdermal Drug Delivery Patch
Ashlie Martini, UCM and Mircea Teodorescu, UCSC
Economic Value of Improved Water Operations Enabled by Sensor-Based Information Technologies
David Sunding, UCB; Roger Bales, UCM; and William Stewart, UCB
An EMR-based, probabilistic clinical support system for the diagnosis and treatment of sepsis patients
Ilias Tagkopoulos, UCD; Timothy Albertson, UCDMC; Hien Nguyen, UCDMC; and Shawn Newsam, UCM