Core Seed Funding FAQ

For Applicants

Where can I learn more about the CITRIS Seed Funding Program, including past awardees and projects?

An overview of the program is available on the Seed Funding webpage. Use the expansion menus to find information about timelines, evaluation criteria, awardee resources and previous awards.

Who is eligible to apply?

The RFP is open to recognized principal investigators on any of the CITRIS campuses: UC Berkeley, UC Davis (including the UC Davis Health system), UC Merced and UC Santa Cruz. Researchers with “Exceptional PI” status at these campuses may also be eligible. (Contact us at to verify.) Postdocs, graduate students and even undergraduate students can participate in the project but at least two designated principal investigators from two CITRIS campuses must lead the proposal.

Current members of the CITRIS investigator community are encouraged to apply in their areas of interest. If new to our research community, awardees will be granted CITRIS investigator status when the award is made.

Do I need a co-PI from another CITRIS campus?

Yes. Cross-campus collaboration is required between at least two CITRIS campuses, with an emphasis on leveraging the unique strengths of each campus. The UC Davis Health campus in Sacramento is considered a separate campus from UC Davis for this purpose, and applications linking the two are accepted.

Do I need a co-PI from a different discipline?

Multidisciplinary proposals are highly encouraged, but not required. CITRIS has a rich history of bringing together researchers across academic disciplines. The CITRIS mission and our research are inherently interdisciplinary, so we strongly encourage working with co-PIs from different departments and centers.

How do I find eligible co-PIs to work with?

As a starting point, a searchable directory of current CITRIS researchers is available on our website. Proposals that engage pretenured faculty and/or those who are new to CITRIS are highly encouraged. You are welcome to reach out to potential co-investigators and form teams. If you have questions about team formation, please contact us at

Is there a limit to the number of CITRIS Seed Funding projects I can participate in?

Yes. A principal investigator may participate in a maximum of two proposals per application cycle. Each PI may serve as the lead researcher on a maximum of one proposal per application cycle.

Can Seed Funding support summer salaries of PIs?

No. The summer salaries of PIs and co-PIs are not eligible line items for the Seed Funding budget.

Can Seed Funding be used for faculty salary or nonresident tuition, or other indirect costs?

No. Faculty salary and nonresident tuition for PIs and co-PIs are not eligible line items for the Seed Funding budget.

Does this proposal need to go through my campus’s sponsored projects office (SPO/OSP)?

No. You do not need to go through any sponsored projects procedures, as CITRIS Seed Awards are intercampus transfer funds and the budget does not include indirect costs.

Do matching funds from industry increase the likelihood of selection?

No, but you are welcome to mention industry collaboration in your proposal narrative. Matching funds will only have positive selection impact when the proposal has high merit by itself and matching funds directly support research within the scope of the CITRIS Seed Funding project.

What type of curriculum vitae or resume should be used?

We recommend using the NSF- and NIH-approved SciENcv format (updated May 2020) for a 2–3 page standard biosketch. However, there is no required format or length limit. Please also consider the review committee’s time in evaluating your materials. Our online application platform will provide a space to link the CV or resume for each PI.

If my publication references exceed the space available on the application form, is there a way to include additional relevant citations?

We recommend limiting references to the amount indicated in the application portal. Space is provided, however, to upload an optional illustration or diagram file (.pdf, .png, .jpeg) to further explain your concept using illustrations, renderings, charts or graphs. Any additional citations could be included as hyperlinks within this uploaded file.

How should independent contractors or consultants be included in the budget?

Independent contractors or consultants, while uncommon, shall be described in the budget narrative along with an indication of which PI will oversee their work and expense allocation.

For Awardees

I have an existing CITRIS Seed Award. Can I renew my funded project for a second round?

No. Our awards are intended to provide initial support for promising research, thereby increasing the likelihood that the work can attract follow-on funding from federal, state, industry, and/or philanthropic sources. You are welcome to contact us at to discuss next steps for your project and possible sources of support.

How do I acknowledge a CITRIS Seed Award?

Please use this acknowledgement statement where relevant: “This work was supported by CITRIS and the Banatao Institute at the University of California.”

You can download CITRIS logos for poster, presentation, print and online use related to the project.

How can I track my publication(s) related to CITRIS-funded work?

The most direct method is to include your award identifier and acknowledgement in scholarly citations. Please also share these publications as part of your performance report so we can highlight your results through CITRIS channels.

How do I file an extension for a CITRIS seed-funded project?

A no-cost extension request must be submitted and approved. To obtain this approval, the PI should complete a No-Cost Extension online form. The request should be sent far enough in advance to ensure the performance period does not end before approval can be obtained. The NCE will be reviewed by the director of CITRIS and the Banatao Institute. You will be notified if further information is requested, or if the extension is granted.

General Inquiries

Who do I contact for assistance with the CITRIS Seed Funding program?

Please email our program team at The appropriate person will respond to you promptly.