2010 CITRIS Seed Funding Awards

We are pleased to announce that the seed funding awards for CITRIS have been chosen. The projects this year are from all four CITRIS campuses: 4 from UC Davis (25% of submitted), 4 from UC Santa Cruz (27% of submitted), 7 from UC Merced (64% of submitted), and 12 from UC Berkeley (33% of submitted). Of these 27 projects, 12 of them (44%) are multi-campus, with PIs from a wide variety of departments. We’d like to give special recognition to the researchers from UC Merced, from which 86% of the funded proposals are multi-campus. Thank you to all who submitted innovative proposals. We look forward to the discoveries and developments that will arise as a result of this round of funding.

2010 CITRIS Seed Funding by project:

SFP#: 62
Project Title: Mental Health Monitoring via Cell Phones
Principal Investigator(s): John Canny (UCB), Allison Harvey (UCB), David Smith, MD (CARES Clinic)

SFP#: 81
Project Title: The Sensing Entity Tracking Initiative (SETI): A CITRIS Center for Smart Energy Infrastructure
Principal Investigator(s): Alberto Cerpa (UCM), Miguel Carreira-Perpinan (UCM), Edward Arens (UCB)

SFP#: 92
Project Title: Advanced Tools for Consolidation of California’s Groundwater Data
Principal Investigator(s): Maggi Kelly (UCB), James Quinn (UCB), James Hunt (UCB)

SFP#: 63
Project Title: Metal-semiconductor Nano-hybrid Platforms for Thermoelectric Power Generation
Principal Investigator(s): Nobuhiko P. Kobayashi – UCSC, M. Saif Islam – UCD, Jennifer Lu – UCM

SFP#: 55
Project Title: Floating Century
Principal Investigator(s): Alexandre Bayen – UCB, Mark Stacey – UCB, Geoffrey Schladow -UCD

SFP#: 58
Project Title: Center for Sierra Nevada Water Information System
Principal Investigator(s): Roger Bales -UCM, Steve Glaser – UCB

SFP#: 66
Project Title: Paradigm Shift of Neurorehabilitation of Stroke Patients using Wearable Robotics
Principal Investigator(s): Jacob Rosen – UCSC, Nancy Byle – UCSF, Gary Abrams – UCSF/VA

SFP#: 108
Project Title: A Highly Selective and Sensitive Gas Sensor based on Electric Breakdown on Ultrathin Semiconductor Nanowires for Environmental Monitoring
Principal Investigator(s): M. Saif Islam – UCD, David Horsley – UCD

SFP#: 73
Project Title: New piezoelectric transducer material platform for technological innovation
Principal Investigator(s): Jennifer Lu – UCM, Liwei Lin – UCB

SFP#: 48
Project Title: Analysis and Visualization of News Articles via Sparse Statistics
Principal Investigator(s): Laurent El Ghaoui – UCB, Suad Joseph – UCD

SFP#: 49
Project Title: Archaeo-Pedia 3D: Collaborative Research in Cyber-Archaeology
Principal Investigator(s): Maurizio Forte – UCM, Ruzena Bajcsy – UCB

SFP#: 50
Project Title: Hazard Mitigation Using a Wireless Impact-Force Bridge Monitoring
Principal Investigator(s): Kenneth J. Loh – UCD, Sashi Kunnath – UCD, Valeria La Saponara – UCD, Anna Scaglione – UCD

SFP#: 70
Project Title: Intelligent Strategies for Condition Monitoring and Fault Detection of HVAC Systems for Energy Efficient Buildings
Principal Investigator(s): Jian-Qiao Sun – UCM, David Auslander- UCB, Philip Haves- LBN

SFP#: 75
Project Title: Managed Aquifer Recharge Network (MAR-Net): Adaptive Floodwater Capture to Mitigate the California Budget Deficit
Principal Investigator(s): Thomas Harmon – UCM, Andrew Fisher – UCSC, John Vesecky – UCSC

SFP#: 78
Project Title: Void Networks in Collapsed Structures as a Guide for the Development of Rescue Millirobots
Principal Investigator(s): C.P. Ostertag – UCB, Ronald Fearing -UCB

SFP#: 93
Project Title: The Remote Radio Control of Millimeter-Scale Insects in Flight
Principal Investigator(s): Michel Maharbiz – UCB, Kristofer Pister -UCB

SFP#: 98
Project Title: Immunodiagnostics-on-Chip: Point-of-Care Microfluidic Platform for Rapid Influenza Detection
Principal Investigator(s): Tingrui Pan – UCD, Scott Simon – UCD, Nicole Baumgarth – UCD

SFP#: 103
Project Title: Center for Green IT for NAtive CARES (Native American Community Assessment for Renewable Energy and Sustainability)
Principal Investigator(s): Alice Agogino – UCB, Dan Kammen – UCB, Katia Obraczka – UCSC

SFP#: 95
Project Title: Physically-Coupled Systems for Sports Medicine: Building Blocks and the ACL Injury Case Study
Principal Investigator(s): Soheil Ghiasi – UCD, Gretchen Casazza – UCD, Nael El-Farra – UCD

SFP#: 68
Project Title: Magnetically Actuated MEMS Power Conditioning Circuits for Energy Scavenging in SmartGrid Applications
Principal Investigator(s): Richard White – UCB, Alberto Cerpa – UCM

SFP#: 60
Project Title: Microneedle Arrays for Controlled and Painless Localized Drug Delivery
Principal Investigator(s): K. Komvopoulos – UCB

SFP#: 80
Project Title: Engineering and Societal Investigations to Initiate Renewable Energy for the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf
Principal Investigator(s): John Vesecky – UCSC, Brent Haddad -UCSC

SFP#: 83
Project Title: Computational Tools for River and Estuary Flow Prediction
Principal Investigator(s): John Owens – UCD, Bassam Younis -UCD

SFP#: 88
Project Title: The Cornerstone of Peace: Visualizing Spatio-temporal Change at a War Commemoration Site
Principal Investigator(s): Alan Christy -UCSC, Alice Yang – UCSC, Ruzena Bajcsy – UCB

SFP#: 69
Project Title: Virtual reality technologies for robotic aided first response
Principal Investigator(s): Stefano Carpin – UCM

SFP#: 51
Project Title: The Smart Electricity Grid: High Environmental Potential, but High Obstacles
Principal Investigator(s): Lee Friedman – UCB

SFP#: 76
Project Title: NetWorks: Employing IT for Live, Web-Supported Concerts, and Master Classes
Principal Investigator(s): David Wessel – UCB, Matias Tarnopolsky – UCB

Seed Funding disbursment by campus:

CampusBerkeleyDavisMercedSanta Cruz
Total Submitted36161115
Campus (Lead PI)BerkeleyDavisMercedSanta Cruz