2011 CITRIS Seed Funding Awards

We are pleased to announce that 17 seed funding awards for CITRIS have been selected from a pool of outstanding proposals. The projects this year include two from UC Merced (29% of submitted), three from UC Davis (30% of submitted), four from UC Santa Cruz (50% of submitted), and eight from UC Berkeley (47% of submitted). Every single funded proposal is multi-campus and/or multi-disciplinary with lead investigators from numerous departments.

Proposals were funded proportionally to our stated focus in strategic areas, which are:
• Delivering “Quality Healthcare Everywhere” for Californians
• Adaptable Cities
• Energy Modeling
• Intelligent Systems.

A smaller number of proposals are within the general call area.

Thank you to all who submitted innovative proposals. We look forward to the discoveries and developments that will arise as a result of this round of funding.

This year’s projects are:

Telemedicine Framework for Evaluation and Training of Upper Extremity
Jay Han, UC Davis and Ruzena Bajcsy, UC Berkeley

Motion Interfaces for Physical Therapy
Marcelo Kallmann, UC Merced and Jay Han, UC Davis

Delivering Earthquake Warnings using Smartphones
Richard Allen and Alex Bayen, UC Berkeley

Jan Brueghel Wiki @ Berkeley
Elizabeth Honig, UC Berkeley and Nina Amenta, UC Davis

Highly Sensitive Micro-magnetic Sensor for Cardiac Imaging
David Horsley, UC Davis and Bernhard Boser, UC Berkeley

Self Simulating Software for Service Operations in the Health Care Industry
Lee Schruben, UC Berkeley and Aaron Bair, UC Davis

Creating Mobile Laboratories for Studying Human Behavior: Is Unhealthy Eating a Matter of Price or Preference?
Raja Sengupta, Shachar Kariv, and Joan Walker, UC Berkeley

Intermittency-friendly and Super-efficient Tri-generation (Combined Production of Electricity, Heating, and Cooling) to Support Large-scale Penetration of Renewable Sources in Buildings and Cities
Ali Shakouri, UC Santa Cruz, Morten Blarke, Aalborg University and Bryan Jenkins, UC Davis

Renewable Energy Nanogrid with Electric Vehicle Energy Storage
Joel Kubby, UC Santa Cruz and Tom Turrentine, UC Davis

A Wetland Mixing Sensor to Support Water Quality Management
Evan Variano, UC Berkeley and Ken Loh, UC Davis

Digital Birth: Improving Perinatal Outcomes for Under-Served Californians through Game-Based Learning
Sri Kurniawan, UC Santa Cruz, Jenna Shaw-Battista, UCSF, and Megan Moodie, UC Santa Cruz

Pwning Asthma Triggers: Health Games as Technologies of Social Engagement
Greg Niemeyer, James Holston, Inez Fung, Qing Guo, UC Berkeley

Using Existing Metering to Identify Energy Waste in Buildings
Duncan Callaway, UC Berkeley and Ram Akella, UC Santa Cruz

Social Agents to Support Long Term Healthcare Interventions
Michael Neff, UC Davis and Marilyn Walker, UC Santa Cruz

Clinical informatics and Predictive Analytics for Infectious Diseases using Structured and Unstructured Data
Ram Akella, UC Santa Cruz; Hien Nguyen and Christian Sandrock, UC Davis

Aggressively Duty-Cycling Buildings: The Next Frontier in Energy Efficiency
Alberto Cerpa, UC Merced and Edward Arens, UC Berkeley

Robot-Assisted Tele-Surgery for TeleHealth: Proof-of-Concept for Robot Learning of Subtasks in Pediatric Appendectomy
Ken Goldberg and Pieter Abbeel, UC Berkeley; Douglas Boyd, UC Davis; and Jacob Rosen, UC Santa Cruz