Ever wonder what’s going on with that empty lot? Or when the new city park is supposed to open? Maybe you’ve wondered where the closest […]

Poetry and Big Data Sets

“A poem is worth a thousand images.” – Anonymous Information technology has created a deluge of data; the challenge is how to understand it, how […]

Proposition 30 Awareness Project

In Fall 2012, California’s Proposition 30 sought to balance the budget by imposing temporary taxes to benefit public education at all levels. In order to […]


We have developed, a site that archives video footage of the U.S. Senate and House floor proceedings. Visitors can search for who said what […]


The African Robotics Network (AFRON) is a community of institutions, organizations and individuals engaged in robotics in Africa. Established in April 2012, AFRON seeks to […]

Digital Media & Democratic Politics

My research examines the intersection of documentary film and digital media in the politically charged environment of the United States over the last decade. Given […]

Democracy and Digital Inequality

The history of the Internet over the past decade has been defined by the explosion of social media that created seemingly unlimited ways for people […]

Visualizing Ambivalence in the Public Sphere

America’s hallmark institutions of public debate and decision-making display a surprising consistency in the ways that they record and represent ‘public opinion’: they are binary, […]

Election 2012

The Data and Democracy Initiative actively supports social media efforts to inform and engage citizens about issues that affect them. In Fall 2012, DDI provided […]


DDI Faculty Director Ken Goldberg recently collaborated with Sanjay Krishnan, Fernanda Viégas, and Martin Wattenberg to create an Internet-based artwork. Envisioned as a tribute to […]

Donation Dashboard

The Generosity of Crowds: New Website Matches Non-Profits to Donors “It’s more difficult to give money away intelligently than it is to earn it in […]

Vote Your Mind

A new project of the Data and Democracy Initiative will increase voter education, confidence and persistence for individuals with cognitive impairments. Traditional text-based voter guides […]

Learning Mode Conference and Hackathon

We can hardly deny that online education transforms many aspects of learning, knowledge, and validation. It also opens new opportunities for research. The Berkeley Center […]

CalDay Photo Hunt

CalDay Photo Hunt is a smart phone “token-type” game launched at CalDay 2011.  Players receive a list of prompts (types) and must find and photograph […]

Motion Interfaces for Physical Therapy

Real-time motion capture and immersive 3D computer-generated environments are emerging as a powerful approach to numerous challenges, including health care challenges in clinical work and […]

Robotic & Virtual Assistive Agents

Information technology is changing our lives at a speed often beyond to our ability to adapt. Ubiquitous connectivity, portable computing, pervasive sensing, novel interfaces, massively […]

Tele-immersion for Physicians

An example of cross-campus collaboration is Tele-Immersive Environments for Geographically Distributed Collaborations amongst Medical Professionals. The project goal is to develop successful collaborations between researchers […]

Bionics Lab

The mission of the Bionics Lab is to develop science, technology, and human resources at the interface between robotics, biological systems, and medicine. The PI/Lab […]