Sophie’s Super Hand

Reposted from Berkeley Engineering  |  11/1/15  | By Daniel McGlynn Sophie is eight years old. Her favorite animal is the cheetah. Her career aspirations, in […]

Human-centered Automation

A key focus of this initiative is human-centered automation, that is, designing automation that works well with people. We are developing a principled design framework […]

Cloud Robotics and Automation

Rather than viewing robots and automated machines as isolated systems with limited computation and memory, “Cloud Robotics and Automation” provides access to 1) Big Data: […]

Deep Learning for Robotics

In this project we are developing deep learning methods for robotics. Deep learning is a branch of machine learning that is concerned with learning structure, […]

Smart Urban Crowd-Sensing

The recent technology trends of crowd-sourcing/sensing and location-based social networking have reignited citizen engagement, opening new perspectives for cost-effective ways of making local communities and […]


Climate change, scarcity of resources and other environmental concerns are driving a worldwide migration to cleaner, more sustainable sources of electricity such as wind and solar power. Unfortunately, these […]

Berkeley Barter

Berkeley Barter is an app to help residents of the city exchange, trade, and swap their stuff.  It was designed by undergraduate students at the […]

Picture Yourself in College

Building on popular applications in digital photography, photo editing, and image sharing, the “selfie” has proliferated as a social practice and was named 2013 “word […]

Vote Your Mind

Thousands of US veterans have suffered traumatic brain injuries from roadside bombs and mortar explosions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some of these injuries are bloody—the […]


AirQuest is a location-based video game about air-quality management and asthma, initially based in the California Central Valley but extensible to other locations and regions. […]

Bedside to the Cloud and Back

Real-Time Data Analytics from Critical Care Instrumentation This project will develop a system-based workflow to securely acquire wireless data from mechanical ventilators in critical care […]