Campus Building Web Services

Led by Alberto Cerpa of UC Merced and David Culler at UC Berkeley, this project will use the sMAP open source project (the Simple Measurement […]


Tic Toc Tiles is an iPad game developed for brain injury rehabilitation that stimulates players to train fine motor and perceptual completion skills by placing […]

Environmental DNA Sampling Using UAVs

eDNA (environmental DNA, which is shed by all organisms into their environment) can be isolated from water samples and analyzed to detect the presence of […]

The RAVEN Surgical Robotic System

Robot-Assisted Tele-Surgery for Tele-Health Tele-surgery over longer distances is not yet possible. Time-delays, although brief, pose a major challenge and can lead to mechanical instabilities […]

California Report Card

Developed by the office of Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom with the CITRIS Data and Democracy Initiative at UC Berkeley, the “California Report Card” (CRC) is […]

California Telehealth Network

One important asset in and contribution to the health care field is the California Telehealth Network (CTN). Led by CITRIS researchers at the UC Davis […]

Residential Energy Gateway

A Residential Energy Gateway, now being developed, will gather and act on household energy data, helping manage energy use and educate homeowners about efficiency options […]

Natural-Gas Pipeline Sensors

New low-cost Natural-Gas Pipeline Sensors can be deployed widely to inspect the underground pipelines that convey and store natural gas, often within densely populated regions. […]

Micro-Synchrophasors in Distribution Systems

Electric power “twists” as it moves through the grid. Micro-Synchrophasors for Distribution Systems let us directly observe this twist, a new parameter for monitoring the […]

K-MEG Collaboration for Energy Efficiency

Technology for smart-building operations is moving fast, but how well do these advances work together? The K-MEG Collaboration for Energy Efficiency aims to find out, […]

CoolClimate Carbon-Footprint Calculator

The more we understand our own contributions to greenhouse-gas emissions, the better we can act to reduce them. The CoolClimate Carbon-Footprint Calculator shows us how […]


Ever wonder what’s going on with that empty lot? Or when the new city park is supposed to open? Maybe you’ve wondered where the closest […]