Digital Birth

Research suggests that interactive childbirth education sessions are likely to reduce anxiety among expectant parents and help with pain management during childbirth. However, young mothers, […]

Mobile Millenium

Project Overview Mobile Millennium is a research project that includes a pilot traffic-monitoring system that uses the GPS in cellular phones to gather traffic information, […]

Advanced Lighting Control Algorithms

Channeling information from many sources into effective lighting control strategies can make our buildings more energy efficient and comfortable. Algorithms for Advanced Lighting Controls puts […]

Fragile Eggs

Fragile Eggs is a game to study the development and ‘trainability’ of the foundational visual-spatial cognitive skill of mental rotation. The objective of the game […]

UC Merced Energy Planning

Results from UC Merced Energy Planning have wildly exceeded expectations. Young and growing, the new campus is a living laboratory of sustainability, where every major […]


Much is being asked of today’s electricity grid: reliance on increasing amounts of renewable power, and seamless response to variable demand and supply, all while […]

Sutardja Dai Hall Demand Response

Sutardja Dai Hall, CITRIS headquarters at UC Berkeley, has been outfitted as a demand-response technology testbed. The goal: to develop intelligent control of its electricity […]