Jan Brueghel Wiki: janbrueghel.net

The researchers will establish and then expand upon an open access, moderated input Wikipedia on the works produced by the Baroque painter Jan Brueghel and his studio.

Motion Interfaces for Physical Therapy

Real-time motion capture and immersive 3D computer-generated environments are emerging as a powerful approach to numerous challenges, including health care challenges in clinical work and therapy.

Center for Time Domain Informatics

This collaboration will produce a framework for extracting novel science from large amounts of data in an environment where the computational needs vastly outweigh the available facilities, and intelligent (and dynamic) resource allocation is required.


A map-based website to bridge the gap between local neighborhood knowledge and larger political institutions.


The open video archive of the US Congress.

Personal Robotics Project

Robotic laundry requires dealing with non-rigid objects which poses a number of perceptual and manipulation challenges.

Bionics Lab

This project aims to develop science, technology, and human resources at the interface between robotics, biological systems, and medicine.