Jan Brueghel Wiki: janbrueghel.net

This project provides a model for a new type of art history—one that uses new technology not only to extend information beyond the confines of academic libraries, but also to enlarge the potential for conducting collaborative research.

The researchers will establish and then expand upon an open access, moderated input Wikipedia on the works produced by the Baroque painter Jan Brueghel and his studio. The first phase of the wiki will enable scholars from across the globe to pool information in a publicly accessible way about the artist and then debate and discuss their opinions online. The second stage of the wiki will involve it becoming a site where scholars can develop new research into Baroque studio practices with new methods for cropping, sizing, overlaying, and comparing images to each other.

Visit the scholarly research site created by UC Berkeley Professor Elizabeth Honig and a team of researchers at http://www.janbrueghel.net.

This project was featured in a recent CITRIS Signal Feb 2012 Issue.