Tele-immersion for Physicians

An example of cross-campus collaboration is Tele-Immersive Environments for Geographically Distributed Collaborations amongst Medical Professionals. The project goal is to develop successful collaborations between researchers from UC Berkeley and UC Davis to develop a real-time rendering algorithm for a tele-immersion program. Tele-immersion may be used across a variety of disciplines for geographically distributed collaboration. The project was Seed Funded by CITRIS. Researchers have successfully performed experiments between the Tele-immersion Lab at UC Berkeley and the IDAV Lab and KeckCAVES at UC Davis. Scientists were able to see each other in a virtual environment integrated with the data, where they were able to interact in real time. Based on this work, additional funding has been provided by NSF; funding proposals have also been submitted to NIH and UCOP. In addition, a proposal has been submitted to introduce a tele-immersion node in the UCDMC Department of Sports Medicine to develop and evaluate applications of tele-immersion for sports medicine diagnosis, treatment, and education.