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Phishers Beware

With electronic identity theft on the rise, TRUST researchers are
fighting back with a growing arsenal of software and legal defenses.

CITRIS October 2006 Newsletter

Dear Members and Friends of CITRIS,

of the great pleasures of working for CITRIS is the opportunity to see
the technologies that will profoundly …

Berkeley Nano Opportunity Challenge 2006

Berkeley Nano Opportunity Challenge 2006 brings together scientists, engineers, and business students to evaluate potential applications and commercial opportunities for ideas and innovations in Nanotechnology and related areas. Abstracts deadline: Oct. 27

New Multicampus Hazards California Institute

Preventing California’s many natural hazards from turning into natural disasters is the aim of the new California Hazards Institute, a multicampus research program of the University of California.

Studying Membranes at the Nanoscale

The composition of lipid membranes, similar to those that surround living cells, can now be mapped at the nanometer scale. The work, by researchers at Stanford University, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and UC Davis, is published in the Sept. 29 issue of the journal Science.

A Nano-Scale Lab with Societal-Scale Impact

Construction is underway on CITRIS’s new headquarters, including the Nanolab
Center, part of a coordinated investment in the nanotech infrastructure of
tomorrow. Learn more about what is in store for the new facility.

Tomlin wins “Genius Grant”

CITRIS researcher Claire Tomlin at UC Berkeley is an aviation engineer who focuses on developing methods for
analyzing hybrid control systems and applying these results to practical