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Intelligent Infrastructures for First Response

Helping out those who help us A UC Berkeley project known as FIRE—the Fire Information and Rescue Equipment technology system—will help increase the safety and […]

Localization for Urban Search and Rescue Robots

Life-Saving Robots The goal of this project is to develop field-suitable robotic technologies to assist first-responders in the aftermath of natural and/or man-made disasters. After […]

Envisioning Futures for the Delta

The Cosumnes River is the last river without major dams on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. Thus, it is one of the few […]

Floating and Cellular Sensors

CITRIS researchers at UC Berkeley are exploring new ways to use sensors to monitor our infrastructure—including water and traffic. The Lagrangian Sensor project, led by […]

A Better Ground-Based Sensor Network

Two-thirds of the Sierra Nevada precipitation is snow, much of which falls when the temperature is just below 0°C. Therefore, a few degrees increase in […]