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IT and the Transformation of Services

The application of rule-based IT tools to service activities is literally transforming the services component of the economy. Service activities themselves are changed when the […]

CITRIS: At Your Service in Services

Message from Acting Director Paul Wright Greetings from Berkeley, California, headquarters of CITRIS, the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society.  Since […]

Center for Advanced Radio Spectrum Utilization

Making a New Wireless Venue The goal of the Center for Advanced Radio Spectrum Utilization (CARSU) is to fundamentally change the operation of wireless communication […]

Respectful Cameras for Security with Privacy

An emerging class of digital video cameras provides unprecedented ability to zoom in and capture high-resolution video images. This capability is desirable in many applications […]

Keeping the Internet Safe

It has been estimated that malicious code (viruses, worms, and Trojan horses) have caused over $75 billion in economic losses in the U.S. through 2007. […]

Safety in Electric Power Delivery Systems

A little-known problem threatens systems that deliver electric power to residential and commercial customers: the underground distribution cables that operate at 12,000 volts or higher […]

Protecting Bridges from Blast and Fire

Blast Protection of Bridges is a CITRIS project aimed at determining the response of long-span bridges and elevated freeways to blasts that occur on the […]

Intelligent Infrastructures for First Response

Helping out those who help us A UC Berkeley project known as FIRE—the Fire Information and Rescue Equipment technology system—will help increase the safety and […]