Javeed Siddiqui Appointed as CITRIS Medical Director

Javeed Siddiqui, M.D was recently appointed as Medical Director of CITRIS. Dr. Siddiqui’s work to advance healthcare access and quality through the use of technology has made significant contributions to the field. As a practicing physician, Dr. Siddiqui brings important observations to the technology innovation discussions with scientists and engineers. He also serves as the Associate Medical Director for the UC Davis Center for Health and Technology. Dr. Siddiqui’s project management and strategic planning experience in technology advancement will be valuable throughout the CITRIS community.

Healthcare is at a critical juncture and there is tremendous opportunity for collaborations between clinicians, engineers, and biomedical scientists. California has historically been the nation’s leader in technology and now is establishing an infrastructure that will facilitate technology-enabled healthcare reform.

Javeed Siddiqui went to medical school at the University of Missouri, Columbia, School of Medicine where he graduated in 1996. His initial training was in infectious disease epidemiology. His philosophy of care is to provide patients with the best medical information possible and explain to them the risks and the benefits of various treatment strategies. Siddiqui’s research interests include outcomes data for HIV and AIDS, and the impact of telemedicine in the management of HIV and AIDS.”

Dr. Siddiqui displays one of the telemedicine terminals which
are used to provide medical specialist’s support to
rural areas throughout the state.

Dr. Siddiqui explaining the work he does
to Gov. Gray Davis.