December 2007 Newsletter

Dear Friends of CITRIS,


It has been an exciting and eventful fall semester, one that
has seen continued strides for CITRIS in many areas. …

The Computational Science and Engineering Program

Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field that encompasses applications (science/engineering), applied mathematics, numerical analysis, and computer science and engineering in […]

Preparing students for the workforce

At the UC Berkeley campus, CITRIS, in conjunction with  the Haas School of Business, the School of Information, and the College of Engineering, helped to […]

Information and Service Design Program

The Information and Service Design (ISD) Program at the UC Berkeley School of Information works to develop a coherent framework for the study of service. […]

Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning is a promising new approach to education that combines information technology with advances in new media.  Researchers at Berkeley’s Center for New Media, […]

Author Reputation and Text Trust in Wikipedia

Wikipedia has become an invaluable source of information to millions of households and to schools and workplaces nationwide—indeed, worldwide. In many ways, a “Wikipedia search” […]

Integration of Cyber-Physical Systems

Embedded computers and networks are being used more and more pervasively to monitor and control physical processes in feedback loops where physical processes affect computations […]

Gauging the Environmental Impact of Services

Wireless information technologies are providing new ways to communicate and are one of several information and communication technologies touted as an opportunity to reduce society’s […]

Design-For-Manufacturing Feedback Services

CITRIS researchers are developing new techniques and algorithms to provide real-time geometric manufacturability feedback to designers as they work. These “Design for Manufacturing” (DFM) services […]

Resource Allocation in Service Networks

CITRIS researchers at UC Santa Cruz are studying resource allocation policies in a service environment. This work combines statistics, simulation, and optimization models with the […]

Innovation in Services and Business Models

Innovation in services is not the same as innovation in products—services are intangible, usually consumed when delivered, and the customer can co-create experience with supplier. […]

IT and the Transformation of Services

The application of rule-based IT tools to service activities is literally transforming the services component of the economy. Service activities themselves are changed when the […]

CITRIS: At Your Service in Services

Message from Acting Director Paul Wright Greetings from Berkeley, California, headquarters of CITRIS, the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society.  Since […]

Center for Advanced Radio Spectrum Utilization

Making a New Wireless Venue The goal of the Center for Advanced Radio Spectrum Utilization (CARSU) is to fundamentally change the operation of wireless communication […]

Respectful Cameras for Security with Privacy

An emerging class of digital video cameras provides unprecedented ability to zoom in and capture high-resolution video images. This capability is desirable in many applications […]

Keeping the Internet Safe

It has been estimated that malicious code (viruses, worms, and Trojan horses) have caused over $75 billion in economic losses in the U.S. through 2007. […]