If you build it, will they come?

A new CITRIS-sponsored study reveals that making rich digital resources available to college educators is only half the battle.

CITRIS Headquarters Building Update

New designs for CITRIS’s future headquarters make it more efficient,
affordable, and flexible–and the new nanofabrication facilities aren’t
too shabby, either.

Tech is on the way

A CITRIS-affiliated program called ICT4B is developing new technologies
to meet the unique needs of the world's poorest people. Never has the
need seemed greater.

June ’04 Newsletter

Dear Members and Friends of CITRIS,

ranks as one of the top challenges we face in the coming decades.
Moreover there is a growing elderly …


Interview with Professor Linda Novick, Research Specialist in the
Innovative Mobility Research group at the California Center for
Innovative Transportation (CCIT)