Information and Service Design Program

The Information and Service Design (ISD) Program at the UC Berkeley School of Information works to develop a coherent framework for the study of service. Information exchange and collaboration are at the heart of service, whether they are taking place through person-to-person, person-to-machine, or machine-to-machine interactions. The ISD Program explores increasingly global and interconnected developments in business, law, computing, communications, research, and education. It advances the study of service by leveraging School of Information’s distinctive competencies in:

  • Information modeling
  • Systems analysis and design methods
  • Implementation of Web-based services and information-intensive applications
  • Internet business architecture
  • Knowledge circulation, globalization, outsourcing and business organization

Students benefit from this program by having numerous opportunities to work with faculty on service-related research, as well as hands-on design and implementation projects with both on-campus and off-campus organizations. The ISD Program’s Information Systems Clinic is open to students from engineering, computer science, business and other disciplines. Its primary client base includes organizations on the Berkeley campus, but the Clinic also works with outside industry partners, and nonprofit, public interest organizations.

The ISD program is part of CITRIS Berkeley’s University-wide initiative in Service: Science, Management & Engineering.