UC Merced Smart Infrastructure for Energy Control and Management

As part of its effort to achieve efficiency in is central plant and building operation, UC Merced Facilities Management administers an extensive control and monitoring system. This system deploys tens of thousands of control algorithms to continuously satisfy heating ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) requirements across campus with a minimum of energy consumption. Monitoring data from this system is the primary mechanism through which operational and energy performance goals are achieved and verified at the zone, equipment, building, or plant level.

While this system is critical from a facilities operation perspective, it is also an asset to the academic community. Its underlying database of temperatures, flows, equipment status, electrical loading, concentrations, occupancy, weather, and solar insulation provides a rich dataset for building science research. With comprehensive coverage of all HVAC and electrical systems throughout campus, it provides an excellent integration point for additional monitoring data associated with campus-based research projects. Finally, it provides an ideal medium for instruction. For these reasons, this energy control and management system forms the cornerstone of a Living Laboratory that supports and integrates research and instructional endeavors at UC Merced.

Current efforts emphasize benchmarking of building energy performance and IT power densities, as well as developing renewable generation opportunities as a complement to efficiency in achieving the university’s commitment to climate neutrality. UC Merced Facilities Management actively seeks partnership with faculty and students that advances such efforts and enhances UC Merced’s Living Laboratory.