Prof. Ruzena Bajcsy Awarded 2009 Benjamin Franklin Medal

Professor and CITRIS Director Emeritus Ruzena Bajcsy was recently awarded the Franklin Institute's 2009 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Computer and Cognitive Science. Prof. Bajcsy received the award for contributions to robotics and computer vision, specifically the development of active perception and the creation of methods to improve our understanding of medical images.

Bloody Small Microscope on a Phone

by Gordy Slack The CellScope is an ordinary cell phone with an optical microscope attachment, which would allow it to serve as a necessary device […]

UC Receives $22 Million FCC Telehealth Grant

The University of California, in partnership with a coalition of government
agencies, health care providers and others, received a three-year, $22 million
award from the Federal Communications Commission to help develop
a new California Telehealth Network.

Affordable MRI Technology

Of the 1.6 million Californians with diabetes, fully half are low-income individuals and one third are elderly. Currently, using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the […]

Cell phone + Microscope = CellScope

While telemedicine research continues to make remarkable strides in increasing access to care for underserved populations, obstacles such as cost, operation, and sustainability significantly limit its adoption and use.

UC Davis Medical School

The explosion of knowledge and information in the health sciences is ironically creating greater disparities in the quality of healthcare services. The Institute of Medicine […]

The Universal Language of Health

The health education of non-English speakers is an enormous California-wide challenge, where roughly 40 percent of all Californians do not speak English at home. To […]

Public Health Assisting Smart Technologies (PHAST)

CITRIS researchers are creating smart devices that promote awareness and understanding of personal activity spaces and how those spaces affect people’s health. The wearable devices […]

Medical Devices on Networked Systems

CITRIS research on remote care, including that from John Canny's group at UC Berkeley, focuses on
diagnostic medical devices and their integration with network

Medical Devices on Networked Systems

To improve people’s long-term health, physicians would like to monitor and measure for the symptoms of serious medical conditions on a daily basis. CITRIS research […]

Paging Dr. IT

Several key CITRIS initiatives are bringing information technology to the aid of this country's ailing health care system.