COVID-19 Seed Funding

Collage of a close-up of a person wearing a face mask, a pipette dispensing a sample, a crowd from above and a realistic illustration of a COVID-19 virion.

In March 2020, to respond to COVID-19, CITRIS issued a special call requesting proposals for novel technology research designed to mitigate impacts of the pandemic.

By the April 24 deadline, 97 proposals were received from the University of California research community. On May 13, CITRIS announced the first 25 seed funding awards. On March 15, six additional projects were awarded. An anonymous $1.6 million matching challenge increased the number of proposals CITRIS was able to award. CITRIS welcomes additional partners to further expand efforts to address the pandemic.

COVID-19 Seed Funding Award Categories

  • Clinical Care and Therapeutics
  • Contact Tracing
  • Data Analytics and Modeling
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Equipment
  • Testing

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