Why AI won’t overtake the world, but is worth watching

CITRIS People and Robots Director Ken Goldberg and CITRIS researcher Pieter Abbeel forecast the future of artificial intelligence in this industry overview. “People who actually work with robotics realize that although this technology is making great progress, we are far from the humanlike robots portrayed in movies and the press,” says Goldberg.

Robotics Industry Insights: January 1, 2018 – You probably encounter it on a daily basis. Though you’re not always aware. Your actions help it grow. Yet you rarely give it a second thought. Artificial intelligence is in your pocket. It’s in your car, at the doctor’s office, at your kid’s school.

We comb through search results and social feeds on our screens. We rely on our GPS systems to suggest the best route. We make buying decisions based on recommendations by savvy algorithms that track our browsing habits. We make inquiries of our personal assistants dutifully standing by in our kitchens and dens, or at the ready on our phones. Alexa, what is AI?

Speech recognition, facial recognition, search query AI. Whether we consider it helpful or intrusive, empowering or manipulative, the technology is at our disposal. How we use it, is our choice.

RIA sought out notable voices in AI to help us better understand the sometimes elusive nature of artificial intelligence. These are researchers and entrepreneurs with decades of experience working in the AI and robotics fields. They help us understand why artificial intelligence won’t take over the world (or we puny humans) anytime soon. But its rise is worth watching.

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