Keeping robots friendly: Meet the woman teaching AI about human values

Forbes: “Computer scientist and robotics engineer Anca Dragan has a cool name, an impressive CV and an important job: ensuring that our interactions with robots and other artificially intelligent agents are positive ones,” says this profile of one of CITRIS’s most prominent A.I. researchers, working in the Center for Human-compatible A.I. at CITRIS.

Catherine Keske

Research Interests: Agricultural and resource economics and coupled natural and human systems research As an applied economist, the majority of Professor Keske’s work involves collaborations […]

Building A.I. that can build A.I.

CITRIS researchers Pieter Abbeel and Sergey Levine discuss how computers can learn to invent new algorithms on their own through Deep Learning. Large tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook hope to use this technology to build advanced systems with artificial intelligence.