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3rd NorCal Control Workshop

Theme: Current challenges and future directions in automation, systems, and controls.

Goals: Our overarching goal is to spark discussions around the following questions: What are the key challenges in the development of control and automation solutions to the complex problems of today? What are unique future opportunities and problems where control and automation would play a key role? How do we increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in our branches of engineering?

The 3rd NorCal Control Workshop provides a forum to bring together university students, postdocs, and faculty, along with industry representatives, working in the broad area of systems and control. The workshop aims to share knowledge and build new connections in the Northern California region.


Format: The event is virtual. We will have pre-recorded 5-min student videos and slides, and will use gather.town for interaction and networking.

Prior Workshops: [2018] [2019]

Sponsors: We thank CITRIS People and Robots (CPAR) for generously sponsoring this workshop’s networking session.