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Energy Efficient Buildings: Smarter Structures

Following the California energy crisis of 2000 to 2001, the California Energy Commission (CEC) funded pilot programs in Time-of-Use, Critical Peak Pricing, and Real-Time Pricing. […]

Hydrogen Storage; Elemental Storage

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s Materials Sciences Division is investigating new classes of materials that can efficiently store hydrogen—a very light and volatile gas—aboard cars under […]

Hydrogen Energy: Powering Vehicles from Thin Air

The Hydrogen Pathways Program was a four-year study (2003-2006) from the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis) that focused on understanding the potential transition […]

Biomass Energy: Making the Most of Waste

In April 2006, Governor Schwarzenegger issued an executive order proclaiming the benefits and potentials of bioenergy in helping to meet the future needs of California […]

Smart Engine Performance with Alternative Fuels

Let the Engine Decide   “Smart Engine Performance with Alternate Fuels” is a five year research program that would include three main components: – Experimental […]

Small Footprint Reactor: Heavy Oil, Little Carbon

Small-Footprint Nuclear Reactors aim to develop new technologies to utilize nuclear energy in the production of low carbon transportation fuels suitable for use in advanced, […]