Yana Feldman speaks about machine learning at CITRIS Research Exchange

CITRIS Research Exchange Yana Feldman

Daily Californian: Yana Feldman gave a talk at the CITRIS Research Exchange event Wednesday about the use of machine learning for analyzing nuclear proliferation data.

Feldman, who is a nonproliferation and international safeguards analyst at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, spoke about the challenges of researching nuclear proliferation activities using open-source information.

“There is just so much information that is becoming available in open sources,” Feldman said. “There is a lot of nuclear data out there, but relevant to everything else, it is a needle in a haystack.”

Feldman noted the importance of visual information, as there could be hidden context in images that cannot be found in the text. For example, in a picture of a nuclear centrifuge in North Korea, there could be more information than what is listed, such as the capabilities of the weapons and where they might come from.

Photo Credit: Adriel Olmos