UCSC-Cisco partnership in Network Management and Operations expands to UC Davis

CITRIS and the Baskin School of Engineering at UCSC have expanded their ongoing program with Cisco Systems, the Network Management and Operations (NMO) Lab, to UC Davis. The goal of the NMO Lab is to engage students and faculty by addressing real-world problems in complex networks, and in a variety of topics that include quality of service, customer support, intelligent and automated management of network devices. Networked systems are increasingly complex and difficult to manage for satisfactory performance, especially with demanding applications such as videoconferencing or “telepresence.”

The ongoing program continues to enroll students in both its classes and internship program and has expanded to include students from UC Davis as well, building on the close relationships that CITRIS enables. There are currently two UC Davis undergraduate students working with this group, and they travel to Cisco often to work on their research. Current research projects include: supporting Cisco supply chain systems; interpreting business processes, workflows and requirements; data acquisition and integration; and developing software applications for mobile devices.

Since 2007, Cisco has provided $1.21M in funding and equipment to CITRIS at UC Santa Cruz to support the Network Management and Operations (NMO) Lab at the Baskin Engineering School. In addition to supporting teaching and research laboratories at the school of engineering, the engagement has also enabled more than 25 students to work with Cisco engineers on networking projects. Students obtain a funded internship (undergraduates) or a research stipend (master’s students) for work on practical networking problems.