UC Merced Energy Research Institute: A Place in the Sun







is the newest campus in the UC system.  Located in the central valley of California, where both the population and pollution are rapidly increasing,


has a personal cause to improve energy efficiency and help environment.  They have a proposal to create the UC Merced Energy Research Institute (MERI) which will engage in research and development of advanced energy technologies that address current energy, economic, and environmental problems, and provide unique and innovative educational experiences for students at all levels; and continuing educational support for the renewable energy community. The Institute will create an open and collaborative environment for faculty and students from multiple disciplines to perform high-level research on current energy issues and to develop cost-effective and near-term solutions to the most challenging energy problems facing society.  Emphasis will be placed on research and development activities that will be performed in close collaboration with the private sector and governmental research laboratories.


The Institute will initially consist of several research units, including solar energy, energy efficiency and demand response, climate change, energy economics, and energy policy. As the Institute evolves and expands, it will initiate research in new and evolving renewable energy domains. Affiliated units will be the California Solar Test Facility, the Energy Business Incubator, and units administrating the Global Energy Curriculum and the Energy Practitioner Training Program. The Institute is envisioned to have a director and a deputy director, 15-20 faculty members, a larger number of affiliated faculty members, and 10-15 staff members.  The Institute will also engage in international collaborations with leading research institutions and universities worldwide.  At right is an organization chart detailing the structure of the MERI center.