Trans-Pacific partnership works to develop efficient hydrogen-based energy

Po-Ya Abel Chuang stands in a blue lab coat in a hallway with a group of students wearing white lab coats.

Green energy solutions are critical to meet current and future power demands, and while solar and wind power are effective, they are also site-specific and intermittent.

That’s why UC Merced associate professor Po-Ya Abel Chuang is focused on developing hydrogen-based energy solutions, which can deliver energy on demand for anything from agriculture and communication technologies to transportation.

Chuang’s team is working on material and design optimization with researchers in the Philippines through the Philippine Commission on Higher Education’s Philippine-California Advanced Research Institutes (PCARI), a research collaborative and CITRIS global partner that is supported by Dado Banatao, chair of the CITRIS advisory board.

Photo by Veronica Adrover/UC Merced