Three California-Mexico Research Teams Win Seed Funds from CITRIS & ITESM

Three inventive projects have been selected to receive collaborative research grants in the second annual seed funding program sponsored by Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM) and CITRIS. The winning proposals represent the fields of healthcare, water management, and smart manufacturing—topics of pressing concern to both California and Mexico. The program offers an opportunity to develop and test ideas while positioning researchers to apply for large-scale grants from national and private funders in each country.

“We are delighted to collaborate once again with Tecnológico de Monterrey to support such promising research proposals,” says CITRIS Deputy Director Camille Crittenden. “The joint Seed Funding Program has proven to be an excellent opportunity to bring together researchers from California and Mexico to advance information technology research on areas of mutual importance.”

A Decision-Support System for Water Resources Management: An Application to Monterrey, Mexico

Principal investigators: Josue Medellin-Azuara (UC Davis) and Aldo Ramirez-Orozco (ITESM)

This project integrates water-use data and socioeconomic information into a water management decision-support system. The researchers will develop long-term hydrologic and socio-economic scenarios; model a large, metropolitan water system using hydro-economics; and identify promising water management strategies for use by city managers in times of both floods and drought.

Diagnosis and Control of Diabetes Mellitus for Latin American Population using Data Science and Big Data

Principal investigators: Neil Hernandez Gress (ITESM) and Ramakrishna Akella (UC Santa Cruz)

This project will develop data mining and data science tools to analyze data from diabetes patients in Latin America. The platform will integrate numerous variables such as epidemiological, financial, social, geographic, biochemical, biological and clinical data to improve understanding of the most important factors correlated with the disease and assist physicians and policy makers with prevention.

S3 Microfactory (Sustainable, Smart & Sensing) to Support the Maker Movement

Principal investigators: Jhonattan Miranda and Arturo Molina (ITESM) and Paul K. Wright (UC Berkeley)

The researchers will develop a S3-Microfactory (Sustainable, Smart & Sensing) that includes the characteristics of an intelligent manufacturing enterprise. The instrument will provide students with an active learning experience by offering practical exercises and experimentation. Students will be able to simulate real-life problem scenarios and propose innovative solutions to design their products, manufacturing processes, and manufacturing production systems.

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