Thomas Nesbitt named CITRIS@Davis Chief Scientist

Dr. Thomas S. Nesbitt, Executive Associate Dean for Administration and Clinical Outreach at UC Davis and 16-year faculty member has accepted the post of CITRIS’ Chief Scientist at UC Davis. Currently in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Dr. Nesbitt’s research is in rural health, distance learning, and the use of telecommunications to improve access to medical care. These research topics correspond directly to key CITRIS research areas.


“Professor Nesbitt will bring a great deal of expertise on telemedicine to the CITRIS agenda of improved delivery of health care using information and communication technologies.” said CITRIS Director Shankar Sastry.



Dr. Nesbitt is an international authority in the area of tele-health, and he has received numerous awards for his research on information technology to improve access to health care and disaster preparedness resources in underserved regions. Dr. Nesbitt adds to the diversity of CITRIS researchers by spanning not only clinical medicine, but also the novel, applied uses of information technology, broadly defined, for clinical effectiveness.