Testing School Water for Lead Contamination

The Lead In School Drinking Water Database

CITRIS Foundry Alum John H. Pujol has launched the ​Lead In School Water Project​, the first web-based application to rank and track every US state in terms of school-related lead exposure, testing, and policy. The team investigated efforts nationwide by state regulators dealing with lead contamination in drinking water in schools and daycare centers. Each state was given a grade based on critical factors, such as the number of schools tested, the testing program’s rigor and the remediation measures taken.

The top findings are:

  1. There is no Federal requirement for schools to test water for lead.
  2. About half of US states have proposed or passed legislation related to lead in school water, fewer than half have funded such legislation.
  3. Faucet fixtures and on-premise plumbing is not systematically monitored in most states, despite being a primary exposure pathway.
  4. Daycare facilities provide no systematic lead testing, despite serving children who are most vulnerable to impacts from lead.